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SiliTray™ Awesome Zero-Waste Tray

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Airtight with a "SNAP!"

Visualize an organized & spotless fridge where your food stays fresher for longer. It's possible with simplicity and creativity. That's why we created the SiliTray®, an easy way to keep food airtight & fresh without any hassle, simply put your food in and "SNAP!" to secure the silicone lid. Your food will be airtight with zero-waste & zero-effort! The SiliTray® also saves space in the fridge, unlike other food savers the SiliTray® could be stacked up in your fridge while maintaining the great freshness of your food!


SiliTray® is made of very stretchy silicone that can stretch out & get back into shape once washed with warm water or tossed into a dishwasher!💦🍽️

Perfect Size!

The SiliTray® is designed to fit most household needs without a problem, the stretchy silicone allows it to fit much more than any food saver out there while maintaining the elegance of an airtight food saver.

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Say goodbye to plastic wrap!

The old way to store your food dealt with aluminum foil, leaky Tupperware food savers, and the dreaded box of plastic wrap that didn’t seem to do anything other than stick to itself! Thanks to SiliTray, you can take advantage of the wide range of benefits that our food saver has to offer.

Very Stretchy

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

Airtight with a "SNAP!"

Equipped with airtight locking technology, the SiliTray is specifically designed to keep your food fresher for longer. Because it’s designed with a silicone film, SiliTray instantly stretches itself around your food and leaves no gaps for air penetration. And once you place the lid on top, press down, and hear the sweet sound of a SNAP!, you can rest assured knowing that your food is preserved, airtight, and fresh-locked until you’re ready to reheat and eat.

If you don't like keeping your food fresher for longer, this product is not for you.

This is food storage made simple

Made from high quality food grade silicone and 100% BPA free plastic, the SiliTray is more than up to the task of sitting in your freezer, an intense cleaning in your dishwasher, or a quick go around in the microwave. And better yet, the SiliTray is flexible and stretchy, allowing you to store large and bulky food items without worrying about sacrificing space in your fridge.

Food storage has never been this good!

SiliTray Plastic Wrap
Airtight Technology
Fresher Food for Longer
Convenient Stacking
Eliminates Fridge/Freezer Overcrowding
Saves Money

An Eco-Friendly Food Storage Tray

It’s true that SiliTray is actually better for the planet than plastic wrap. Our zero-waste methodology has allowed us to design a revolutionary product that keeps food fresh, saves space in the fridge, and doesn’t result in harmful waste.

Save yourself and save the planet. Trust us, the fish will be pleased to know that there won’t be as much plastic wrap floating in the water!

Airtight with a "SNAP!

Better for the planet

 Saves a LOT of space in the fridge!

SiliTray Plastic Wrap
Alright in a "SNAP!"
Fresher food for longer
More space in the fridge
Cuts waste & saved money
Easy to use


Your satisfaction is our main priority, and we are fully confident that you will love the SiliTray®. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we will happily return your money or exchange products for you!