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The New Age of Food Storage Is Here

The SiliTray is a unique new product that completely transforms the ways in which you store and save your food. But rest assured, the SiliTray is unlike any food storage container or food saver that you’ve ever seen before!

The SiliTray is a compact food storage tray designed with airtight click-in technology. Fully stackable, clickable, and airtight, you can instantly stack and save multiple dishes conveniently in your fridge without taking up extra space!

Full Set

$54.97 Set of 6 (2 Gifts) Buy Full Set
  • 6 SiliTray

    Snack & sandwich bags

  • 2 Bags

    Small, medium & large cups

  • 6 lids

    Small, medium & large cups

SiliTray Plastic Wrap
Alright in a "SNAP!"
Fresher food for longer
More space in the fridge
Cuts waste & saved money
Easy to use

Unlike Any Other Food Saver Out There

Take your kitchen to the next level! Imagine having a neat, spotless fridge, where your food stays fresher, longer. The SiliTraymakes this a reality for you! Simply put in your food, “SNAP” on the silicone lid, and your food is kept airtight and fresh. Zero waste, zero mess, no muss, no fuss! Furthermore, your SiliTray will easily stack on each other. This creates a perfectly organized and compact fridge space… Full of delicious food that stays as tasty as possible, as long as possible! 

Very Stretch

Freezer Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

People Who Bought SiliTray


The SiliTray easily fits most common household needs! The secret is the stretchy silicone, which allows it to fit much more in it than other airtight food preservers. 

Say Goodbye To Plastic Wrap!

The old way to store your food dealt with aluminum foil, leaky Tupperware food savers, and the dreaded box of plastic wrap that didn’t seem to do anything other than stick to itself! Thanks to SiliTray, you can take advantage of the wide range of benefits that our food saver has to offer.